International Procurement Services

With electronic and industrial goods manufactured and available in the USA being in high demand today, many companies throughout the world are purchasing and importing numerous items from the USA. Such activities can be very time consuming and frustrating for International customers, particularly if they are purchasing and importing from many different suppliers that may be scattered geographically throughout the USA. This is particularly a problem in today’s market as you are sometimes not sure where you are even physically purchasing from.

Worldwide Exporters has been a procurement services partner of many International clients for over 25 years, and we have developed a successful and simple strategy: We purchase goods required by our client partners from all over the USA and consolidate shipments to reduce freight costs. By using Worldwide Exporters as your USA procurement office, you would only need to send a single email message each day, could receive goods from multiple vendors in a single shipment, would be assured of fair pricing and delivery from a trusted partner, and would only need to make a single payment. Our fee is based on adding a percentage to the FOB Value as a "handling fee" and charges other fees such as transaction fees and any inland freight at actual charges. Monthly retainer fees can also be negotiated to if clients would like a fixed overhead cost.

The services which we provide are generally only paid on the value of the goods including: providing pre-sales product information or clarification of features when it is required to make informed purchasing decisions, purchasing products at the best negotiated price for client benefit, and after-sales support of products if necessary.

We have shipped products to over 50 countries on 6 continents and have the expertise to ship what you require to you in a timely and equitable manner. We want to be your Procurement Services Partner.

Advantages of WEI as International Procurement Services Partner:

Please let us know any products you may require to be expedited from the USA via email at: Include known manufacturers, part numbers and descriptions if possible. Also, please let us know the quantity and when delivery is required. We will confirm receipt of your inquiry immediately.