Export Management Company (EMC)

In the current business environment many American technology companies are concentrating their operations on what they do best, and going outside their company framework to outsource services that can replace whole departments. For example, a company could determine that engineering and manufacturing is what it does best, and outsource its sales and marketing functions, particularly its international sales. For many companies, exporting of their products presents a great opportunity for sales growth, but can be a scary and difficult proposition. By using an Export Management Company (EMC), a company can begin to export quickly with a minimum investment, and still keep control of the selling and marketing process. The EMC virtually becomes a part of your company.

Located in Carmel, California, Worldwide Exporters is a full service EMC that can customize an export program to your needs. With over 25 years expertise and international distribution activities, we can offer services ranging from handling your export administrative functions, including expediting shipments and foreign collection of payment, to international channel development and distribution.

Our fees will vary according to the export program developed, and are negotiable.

Keys to Your Export Success:

Our profits depend on our success marketing and selling your product. Contact us today to get started with a partnership together at: info@wrldwide.com