Engineering Education and Research

Seeing the need for new development and fresh designs of equipment for engineering education and research, our associates have developed the Solteq brand of teaching equipment for use in any laboratory setting that is teaching various Engineering disciplines.

There are 8 categories of Solteq products:

We encourage you to please contact us with your specific laboratory teaching requirements. Each solution is custom designed to meet your needs and detailed specifications and drawings are developed for final quote and approval. As the fabrication of the equipment proceeds, the software requirements of the teaching equipment are developed, utilizing SOLDAS (data acquisition system) and SOLCAL (computer aided learning software tool). Once the assembly is completed, the software is integrated and system fully tested with necessary quality control checks that are then incorporated into the full teaching manual set. Then the equipment is delivered, installed and fully tested for final acceptance.

To receive a quote, or for more information, please contact us at: